Dolling up a game ranch

As I've mentioned before, we're having our Texas reception at a game ranch. In my mind, this mostly translates to camo and guns, but as my mom has tried to make amply clear, the place really cleans up quite nicely. Still, I kind of want to keep the theme country and kind of backwoods, so if at all possible, that's what I want to do with the a cute way obviously. No camo or guns, thanks.

Some inspiration I've been thinking a lot about:

yellow flowers, white cake

Yellow, yellow, yellow. Simple flowers and a simple cake. Sweet and cheery.

mismatched vases and fabrics

Using mismatched vases and mason jars for the flowers. If I can't find any colored glasses, I read somewhere that you can get glass paint and tint the glasses yourself. Mismatched fabric with antique-looking floral patterns for the centerpieces.

orange and peach and funky lights

Then there's the peach and the orange that I also love. I figure we can probably find ways to mix that in with the yellow to make the whole place feel warm and bright. Oh...and of course!

chocolate groom's cake

A simple, but elegant (and super tasty, super chocolaty!) groom's cake. This looks pretty much right up Kellen's alley. ;)

Just some thoughts on transforming a place for camo into a place for celebrating!

Credits (left-right or clockwise from top left):
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Vern said...

Hi Katie....Auntie Vic here...first of all, congratulations! I apologize to you and Kell for not getting in touch sooner. My Mother got married last weekend at our home so we have been, once again, in wedding bliss. I so love all your ideas. Simply beautiful and so you. Just wanted to mention what I did for one of my weddings at a retreat on Bainbridge Is....I got Mason jars and "etched" them. You can purchase the etching solution at Michael's and such. It's so fun to do and you can really be creative. Again, congratulations. You and Haylie are such wonderful additions to this lovely family.

With Love,


Katie said...

Yay, Auntie Vic! :-D Congratulations to your mother, and thank you for the idea! I may go pick up some mason jars and start experimenting with the etching solution, see if we can't come up with something cool!