Hello, paradise!

Last night, I finally sorted through all of the resorts with the in-laws' timeshare and found a couple of places that I really love. The big winner appears to be the Mayan Palace in Nuevo Vallarta. They are located on the beach, the resort does weddings, and they are within our price range. Plus, airfare to Puerto Vallarta was jaw-droppingly cheap.

Mayan Palace, Nuevo Vallarta

Mayan Palace, Nuevo Vallarta

I e-mailed Kellen's mom last night to clear everything with her. She's still looking over everything, but I put two rooms on hold(!!!!!) and by tomorrow we should be confirmed. Then it's time to get in touch with the resort and start talking ceremony.

YAY! I can't believe this is where I'm getting married/having my honeymoon. *siiiigh* It's so beautiful...

Once this is all squared away, the next big items on my to do list are:
  • collecting names and addresses so my mom can begin to process fully just how expensive the stationery is going to be,
  • getting my dress (hopefully in the mail from my BFF who has been guarding it for me for the past few months), trying it on (praypraypray that it fits), and getting alterations done,
  • starting to think seriously about decor at the Texas reception, which means YAYMOREPICTURES! for the blog. ;)

Photo credit: GlobalResortsBlogNetwork.com, FredMcKinnon.com