Wedding hair?

So I've finally resigned myself to the fact that my hair is short, and therefore I can't do 90% of the gorgeous wedding 'dos I've always drooled over. Not only is my hair short, it's also curly, and the chances it will not frizz while I'm on a hot, humid Mexico beach are up there somewhere with me winning an Olympic gold medal. So what this means is that I don't have many options. And because I don't know for sure that I will have a reliable hairdresser to depend on to fix me up on the day of our ceremony, that means I, with my clumsy stubby hands, am probably going to end up doing my hair myself. *GaspShudderFaint!*

I've been watching a lot of tutorials on YouTube, and while I think they are technically supposed to help you figure out how to fix your hair, this one only suffices to confuse me even more, intimidate me, and convince me that this Lati person has some magical ability that she probably sold her soul to Satan to achieve.