Wedding update!

Our engagement photos are set up! One of Kellen's friends from high school is a photographer here in Portland. She's doing the photos for free(!!!), and I can't wait. We spent a chunk of the past weekend shopping for clothes to wear in them. Kellen and I aren't exactly fashionable, so it took some effort. I think we managed to find something that will work, though.

The only problem now is, as anyone who lives in the Pacific Northwest can tell you...rain. When I was scheduling with Kristina, the photographer, she commented, "My schedule is wide open this time of year." No, joke. Rain is pretty much a given from October through May. Unfortunately for us, Oregon's rainy season won't end until after we are married, so...we're going to gamble on sunshine so we can do some cute late fall engagement photos.

I've also been searching furiously for a venue/resort for a Mexico ceremony/honeymoon. I set up a spreadsheet to help me keep up with prices, location, rooms, and what sort of facilities/planning they have available. Once we get through the 90-some-odd resorts available through Kellen's parents' timeshare, then we'll start crunching numbers. Fingers crossed that we can make it work!

The last thing is a hilarious video about the cost of weddings. Thanks, hellobug!

Yeah...I'm sure we all can relate. ;)