The bouquet?

I've been doing research into flowers for the ceremony in Mexico. While I'm not 100% positive about availability and cost, I've seen other venues in Puerto Vallarta that offer these flowers a part of their standard bouquets. The flowers I really like?
  • White stargazer lilies
  • Blue dendrobium orchids
  • Ginger
Example of a stargazer lily and blue dendrobium bouquet:

White lilies, blue orchids

It looks like this might also have some white dendrobium orchids mixed in or maybe stephanotis. I love the pop of blue amid all the white.

Here is a bouquet of purple dendrobium orchids at the same place where we're getting married:

purple orchids

I can't find any pictures of stargazer lilies mixed with the ginger, but here's a picture of what ginger looks like:


Again, I think it's the pop of color thing.

I've looked and looked at bouquets, and I've decided I don't really want roses or daisies, and I also don't want something loud and a lot of different colors. I like to keep it simple, but at the same time a little interesting.

Also, trying to imagine how this would look with my dress. Maybe just the ginger? Hrmm...

Sun Kissed Weddings, Elizabeth Medina Photography, Costco


Hazel said...

I was thinking of stargazer lilies but decided on orchid's instead. I want blue orchids and white roses with silver tips for mine =]

The stargazers are really really pretty though.

Katie said...

Pretty! :)

Marcia said...

I think that last one you say is Ginger is actually Banana flowers - and they're HUGE, not very easy to mix into a bouquet. But such pretty colors!

Katie said...

Marcia, that's definitely Ginger pictured above. This is a banana flower: And yes, it's MASSIVE! :)