The cake topper dilemma continues...

collection of cake toppers

So neither my mom nor my fiancee like the super adorable The Small Object cake toppers that I've been in love with for months, so I'm considering (considering only, mind you) getting something else. So here are some cute cake toppers for inspiration:

peg people

The following were paper figurines found on E-bay that were hand-fashioned into this adoooorable cake topper:

vintage paper figurines

This cake topper was done by Bunny with a Toolbelt, who has so many adorable cake toppers up on her site, it makes my heart want to explode into sparkly confetti every time I look at it. It's so cute, it's serious.

Bunny with a Toolbelt topper

More, more, more:

pink deer

two hip birds

more peg people



two classy birds
I think it's safe to say I really have a thing for animals in top hats. ;)

Definitely have some ideas to go with...

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