The ever-growing to do list

At the top of this list are:
  • Get Kellen's passport
  • Start working on legal marriage stuff for Oregon
  • Take my dress to the tailor to be taken up (by approximately 10 feet)
  • Get the website up and going. (I did the mock-ups last night. Soooo cute.)

I'm also considering getting a florist license in Texas for the Texas reception and possibly one up here so we can do wholesale flowers. I need to discuss this with my mom, and keep forgetting.

Other items include: collecting fabric for the Texas wedding, start hording twinkle lights (before the holidays end and they disappear from the shelves), getting pinking shears, and once we've got the spare bedroom cleared out (Max is moving out over the holidays) to get a work station in place, including sewing machine, so I can get to work hard core on all the bunting I want to do in Texas.


There's so much to do. I took the last couple of weeks off kind of, because I was tired of thinking so much about wedding stuff. It seems like a long time away. 6 months. I know it won't seem like much time at all, though, in a couple of months.

Less than four months til the wedding itself. Holy jeebus.


Brittney said...

Wait -- first time here.. totally not grasping the TX piece?? But I'm IN Texas and therefore, it makes me excited and nosey!

Brittney said...

OH HELLO. Maybe I should, say, FINISH READING the basic info before commenting. Good lawd, just ignore me. It could not be MORE obvious, what with the giant "University of Texas" paragraph. ;-)