I've been thinking about ideas for favors. For the Texas reception, I was thinking maybe rock candy? You can buy it in bulk for slightly under $1/stick, and then I was thinking of rewrapping them in colored cellophane with white or yellow ribbon.

rock candy
For the Seattle reception, I spotted these on OnceWed, and I think they are adorable. They are DIY paper fortune cookies. It looks pretty straight forward, and we can write our own fortunes to put inside, which sounds like a lot of fun. Again, they are inexpensive, but I think they are so cute. My cubemate has given an enthusiastic double thumbs up and is in fact planning on making them for her family's Thanksgiving dinner this year.

paper fortune cookies
So what do you think? Too cheap? Too cheesy?

Camille Styles, OnceWed


Sena said...

They are charming-imagine the paper choices to match the theme.

zel said...

I wanted to do rock candy for my wedding favors, but decided on soaps instead. I think they're both wonderful idea's!