Lighting at the Washington reception

So we're starting to get serious about the Washington reception. Kellen's mom and I spent a good chunk of Thanksgiving talking about ideas, and Nanny has recruited one of her friends (who has a florist and catering business, and who has done two previous generations of weddings on that side of the family!) to help. I'm really excited about where everything is going, with the hydrangeas and the dessert table.

One of the things I've been trying to figure out though is what to do about lighting, since it will be outdoors.

Last night, we were watching the movie 500 Days of Summer, and I really, really, really loved the lighting in the wedding:

500 Days of Summer wedding scene screencap
I'm not sure how doable this is, but I really love the overall look. Here is a closer look at the bulbs used:

500 Days of Summer wedding scene screencap
500 Days of Summer wedding scene screencap
Looks like a mix of the little twinkle lights inside the fabric, and then the really large bulbs are used going between the poles and on poles where there isn't fabric.

I also like the luminarias:

500 Days of Summer wedding scene screencap


Brittney said...

That is GORGEOUS. We had a wedding outdoors in Spokane (WA) and luckily the venue had white twinkle lights hanging down over the dance floor area. So we just bought several lanterns from Ikea for cheap that held votive candles and attached them to the same cords.

But that idea? SO MUCH BETTER. *swoon*