More destination wedding etiquette

The Bride's Guide has more advice on good destination wedding etiquette, this time regarding at-home receptions after the fact.

When do you have a destination wedding reception, if you plan on doing another one once you get back? Talley Sue Hohlfeld recommends within 3 months of the wedding. To be specific: "Honestly a quarter of a year is enough time for other people to be excited about your wedding."

Agreed. We're doing the Seattle reception a little later than that (4 months almost to the day after the wedding itself), but Kellen has family from Scotland who are already planning on being in Washington for that weekend, so...

I'm really glad there are some posts out there about the etiquette of destination weddings. Even my mom, who is Southern to the core and the queen of good manners, didn't know the etiquette surrounding a destination wedding. It's so nice to find a little bit of guidance from the good ol' internet. :)


Marcia said...

For evening weddings, a wedding etiquette followed by guests is to wear dress for a nice dinner or event which includes suits (or black tie) for men and dresses or skirts in sophisticated colors and fabrics for women. Lengths can vary according to the style of the event and location. Female guests may now wear black, but never white.