On with the decorating!

So I sent off my ideas about the yellow flowers and mason jars to my mom last week, and she promptly got back to me with what she liked of the bunch. She loved the chocolate groom's cake with the yellow flowers (I think it's hard for anyone to disagree with Martha Stewart), the blue mason jars(!!!), and some of the flowers:

Daisies in blue mason jars

Beautiful bouquet

Real Simple bouquetBlue mason jars

I was so glad she instantly got on board with the shabby chic style. And my mom being my mom, she's already starting to amass jars of all sizes and has sent half of Northeast Texas off on a mission to make sure I have more than enough jars at my wedding. ;)

The hording of blue mason jars begins

We've also located a decent bakery (no simple task when you live in a rural area where the websites of most "specialty" bakeries looks like a page of posts on Cake Wrecks), planned the meal and the booze for the night (fajitas and margaritas, with a full bar, and at least one keg of Shiner--I think Kellen would rather die than drink bad beer), started scrounging up cute country-fied fabrics for the centerpieces (lots of checked and floral patterns), and found some invitations that fit both the theme and our budget:


The guest list is being rapidly pulled together, too. Phew! Next up, I start talking to Kellen's family about what we want to do in Seattle, although that should be a fairly easy task. We're having that reception at the home of Kellen's Nanny, and Nanny is a fashionable, classy lady. She's much more with it than I ever thought about being, so I feel pretty confident that whatever happens there will be lovely. I can relax a little on that front...

Now if only someone would get back to me about the stinking ceremony!

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Hazel said...

Ooh I'm loving the invites! I still havent found one to match my theme AND budget. Or just even my theme lol.

Stephany said...

The flowers are beautiful! I love the way you're decorating!