One good thing about my wedding?


No bridesmaids dresses!

Because the ceremony is in Mexico and it's just going to be us and our parents, I think I've managed to dodge my least favorite thing about weddings: having to select bridesmaids (oh, the drama) and then, far worse, dress them in outfits that best accessorize not them, but the wedding. Yick. Happy to avoid this entire scenario.

None of my girlfriends will ever hear me say, "And you can wear it again!" None of them will have to spend weeks scouring department store racks looking for flattering dresses in a trendy-for-weddings hue that they think might meet my approval. And they will certainly never be forced into matchy-matchy outfits that are all the wrong color, fabric, and fit for them, and which they will most definitely never wear again.

It's not that it can't be done well. Clearly, for some it can. It's just that it seems like an awful lot of effort for something that more often than not turns out badly.

Putting aside my loathing for this movie for just a minute, can we take a moment to celebrate 27 reasons why it is such a good thing that none of my friends will be subjected to being bridesmaids--or wearing the hideous dresses that so often go along with the job?

I know having bridesmaids is a way of recognizing your friends and close family, but to my girlfriends: I hope you know that I love you so much that I would never expect you to wear unattractive clothing for me. ;)


Tracie said...

Watching that clip reminds me just how much your friends should thank you!!

Hazel said...

I LOVE 27 Dresses!

I dont have any bridesmaid's either. I dont think I'll have any for the 2nd wedding either... cause honestly... I dont have many girl friends to begin with lol.