Quick bit of inspiration before the weekend...

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Hydrangea wedding

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Balloons in your wedding decor?

I won't lie. Something inside me loves the idea of balloons at weddings. I know, I know. This is soooo easy to do badly. At the same time, I've seen it in a few instances done really well, particularly when you stick to using opaque, solid color oversized balloons. It can make the whole thing look so whimsical and airy...

Check these weddings out:

yellow balloons, wedding
white balloons, wedding dessert buffet table
blue balloons, wedding
white balloons, wedding
When it comes to things that could be tacky unless done exactly right, I rarely ever do it exactly right. (Which is why I try to stick to simple, classic stuff as much as possible.) But this is sooo cute, and I'd love to try it out.

No idea if we could incorporate this at either reception, since I think I'm already getting close to overdoing it with both receptions. But if I can't do it, and if you are the kind who can pull things like this off, maybe you should do it at your wedding...and send me pictures, so I can live vicariously through people far more talented than I. ;)

Green Wedding Shoes, Amy Atlas via Style Notes, Green Wedding Shoes, Boutwell Studio

The history of the wedding cake

Wedding cake
Have you ever wondered where the tradition of having a wedding cake comes from? You can find the answers in the Spring 2005 issue of Gastronomica, wherein Carol Wilson recounts the long history of wedding cakes.

I think my favorite part is the recounting of royal wedding cakes--500 lbs. and 9 feet around! Can you imagine how nerve-wracking it would be to have to deliver monsters like that?!

Martha Stewart

More dessert table inspiration

Desserts by Diana Sproveri
This table gave me some great ideas for set-up as well as for some tasty desserts. Going through Diana's websites gave me even more great ideas for things we can put on our table (and made me hungry!) So much deliciousness!

Diana Sproveri (via)

This is not the topper you are looking for...

...or is it?!

Star Wars cake topper

Han and Leia on your wedding cake? Yes, please!

Kevin Smith photography (via)

Lacy luminarias and votives

One of the things that I've seen repeatedly that I would love to do for our Washington reception is lacy luminarias and votives.

Papermash snowflake votives

Martha Stewart lacy candles

Martha Stewart lacy luminarias

They're simple to make and oh so lovely. Definitely doable.

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