What brings out my inner bridezilla?

Coworkers who show up to work with the very contagious flu that several other people that I work with have gotten in the past few weeks. Sitting one very flimsy wall away from me, coughing and sniffling and spreading their germs everywhere. Getting the flu on my wedding day would be bad enough. But if you ruin my honeymoon because you just couldn't bring yourself to work from home another day, I'm going to kill you and your manager and anyone who told you this was a good idea.

Don't come to work sick. Ever. But especially not if a girl who sits three feet away from you is getting married in 7 days.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Just ran across your blog. The "What have I gotten myself into?" tag made me laugh. I had gotten married 7 years ago and also had two wedding receptions. I felt like what you are experiencing. I think all brides experiences it.