Wedding hair and make-up

I've been playing around with my hair and make-up for the wedding. Since it's pretty much a given that it's going to be a DIY affair, I figure I'll need a lot of practice.

Here's what I've come up with so far.

wedding hair updo
wedding hair updo
wedding hair updo

What do you think? The color's a little washed out from taking very unprofessional photos in our bathroom, but... I have to say, I'm kind of impressed with myself. After two years of barely being able to be convinced to swipe on some mascara for special occasions, I think I did a pretty bang up job. :)

Looks good enough to eat!

How amazing is this dessert buffet?!

wedding dessert buffet

I love the look. It's pretty much perfect.

Jasmine Star (via)

Decorating with hydrangeas...

I love this hydrangea wreath, posted today on Snippet & Ink.

hydrangea wreath, wedding decor

Not a huge fan of the greenery, but I love the bow and the colors...

Ariella Chezar and Meg Smith

More jewelery purchases for the big day...

With less than 60 days to go before the wedding, I'm starting to really crack down on getting together things for Mexico.

Today's big purchases? Jewelery.

bridal bracelet, gold with aurora borealis crystals

bridal earrings, aurora borealis crystal

The bracelet is from KD Studios, and the earrings are from Nest Pretty Things. I think this is pretty much it for the shiny. I'm worried that, since I am so short and the dress is kind of plain, that too much more will overdo it substantially. I have a serious thing for sparkly stuff, though...

Next on the list...a new swimsuit?

Hung up!

How darling are these customizable clothes hangers from LilaFrances?

customizable clothes hanger
customizable clothes hanger

Love it! What a perfect item to hang your dress on, especially for pictures!

DIY hair piece

The Bride's Guide has a tutorial up for a gorgeous DIY hair piece...check it out!

Two months to go!

With a little over two months to go before the wedding, I've started hunkering down on getting the things I need for the wedding. Yesterday, I bought this comb to wear in my hair from OhFaro on Etsy:

I've got the kinks worked out on my hairstyle and have decided that instead of doing wet set curlers (which are time consuming and make my already naturally curly hair kind of difficult to maneuver), I'm just going to use hot rollers. Of course, that means I have to go buy hot rollers.

Another thing on the agenda is underwear. My dress is kind of sheer, so I'm looking for a floor-length white half slip to keep from looking like Trailer Trash Bride on the big day. I've found a couple on the internet--but not from reputable sellers, which makes me uncomfortable--so if any of you know of a good place to get a decent slip, let me know. I know, I know, no one under 40 has ever worn a slip. But trust me, on this occasion, it's necessary.

I'm also going to start hunting for cute lingerie. ;)

Apart from that, the dress is ready to go. I've got my shoes. I'm looking for some earrings and maybe a bracelet, but that should be pretty easy to locate.

Starting to get excited! Can't wait for some sunshine!

Rethinking the bouquet

Some ideas...


purple phalaneopsis orchids, Vanda orchids, and ti leaves

 purple dendrobium orchids, purple tulips, lisianthus, grape hyacinths, irises, dark blue viburnum tinus berrie

hydrangeas, vanda orchids, lisianthus, and bachelor buttons


Purple flowers

Purple dendrobium orchids

pink plumeria

pink hyacinth

yellow plumeria
white orchids
There are also white dendrobium orchids... Hmm... I'm not good at this stuff.

The Knot, The Knot, The Knot, The Knot, Fiesta Hotel Group, Nancy Graham,, Toronto Florist,, Rocco Troyani

A new up 'do!

Beautiful wedding up 'do
Trying to figure out the mechanics of this look and decide if I can do this on my own... I love this! So elegant and romantic and soft.


Robert and Kathleen Photographers (via Style Me Pretty)